Searching on DrugRepurposing Online is free for registered users. At this tier, no support is offered. In addition, users can upgrade to higher tiers for free, or at a discounted rate, in return for adding information to the database. For instance, a new reference to an association between any two of chemical class, mechanism and indication will be rewarded with 125 points, entitling the user to a discount of £125 off a subscription. So, for four such references/associations, users gain a week’s database access for free. If the reference provides additional information for an association that is already in the database, users are allocated 40 reward points. Click ‘Add New Information’ below to take advantage of this scheme, or alternatively subscribe to any of the paid subscription products below.

In addition to subscription packages, we also offer API access. Please contact .

This is all summarised in the table below.

Free tier
Non-contributory access: no support
Contributory access: full search capabilities with support
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